Janna Mingi



My name is JD Mingi, and I'm a part-time freelance architectural and interior designer. I have almost two years of industry experience and have been a part of design and development projects for some exceptional companies during those years. I specialize in planning and designing exterior and interior spaces. Every time I work on a project, I make sure that I'm creating the best design solution for the clients. I don't have a specific design style as I create them with regards to my client's wants and needs, I needed the designs to be special and unique as much as possible. Have a look at my portfolio and see some of my projects. I might be the designer you're looking for to design your dream space or room!

Design Styles


Commercial Design Residential Design Hospitality Design Interior designer Exterior designer

Why I love online design

I love online design because it creates a unique connection between me as the designer and the client. It challenges me not only on the designing skills but also on my communication skills. It's a unique experience as a designer because I get to start and finish a project without having to meet the clients personally. Also, it's a great opportunity to expand my abilities as a designer.

Past Clients